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The Freedom Boss team believes in a few important things: prosperity, sharing, the human touch, and you. Let’s meet them...

Front and Center: Marcos the (original) Freedom Boss


Marcos Jacober – better known as the Freedom Boss – is a total challenge junkie. He's like a train with no brakes, constantly on the move, scanning for new obstacles and roadblocks to overcome with a steady stream of out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. Now that he's built his own empire, he's shifted his focus to helping everyday people blow the lid off their personal prosperity as if it was his own.


Seriously – Marcos is so good at what he does that keeping his tips, tricks, and wisdom to ourselves was never an option. All we need to do is aim the camera in the right direction and his larger-than-life personality does the real heavy lifting: Marcos' gift for inspiring others, as well as his passion for learning and growing from those same individuals' experiences, is the engine that drives Freedom Boss TV.

Behind the scenes: The team


The Freedom Boss is never alone on his quest to spread success, and his entourage’s commitment to the cause mirrors his own.  


Our passion is to democratize personal freedom and success.  Our team’s devotion to this is palpable in everything we do. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We not only care deeply about sharing the joy and energy that define this show, but we are also dead-set on making these valuable lessons available to as many people as humanly possible.

Where in the world is Freedom Boss?

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